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Show News



At The Midland cat club of Ireland Show, KARALO SMOKEY JOE wins his 3rd Challenge Certificate making him an IRISH CHAMPION!!!!



Midland Cat Club Of Ireland

28th Championship Show

Our home bred boy 'Karalo Smokey Joe' made his show debut at 8months of age.......

Exotic SH AOC non self kitten - 1st place and Best Of Breed

Debutante Kitten - 3rd place

Breeders Kitten - 3rd place

6-9months Kitten - 4th place

Thank you to the judges. We are so proud!


Midland Cat Club of Ireland

29th Championship Show

Karalo Smokey Joe takes 1st place and Best of Breed and also gains his first CC!!!!

He also gained 2nd place in Breeders Adult class.

Once again he did us proud!


Midland Cat Club Of Ireland

30th Championship Show  

Once again, Karalo Smokey Joe takes 1st place in his breed class and gained his 2nd CC!

He also takes 1stplace in Charity Adult class, 2nd place in Senior Adult class and 2nd place in Breeders Adult Class.

We are grateful to all the judges who thought so highly of our special boy!